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Easy Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

By Michele Caldwell / September 13, 2023 /

Blog – Try to post once a week, or if that’s too often, at least once a month or so. Think of case studies – the client came to you needing this, we put together 3 designs for our client based on their needs, here are photos of the before and after, and here’s a…

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HWDH Featured by

By Michele Caldwell / March 31, 2021 /
Hosting Advice

HWDH is honored to be featured by Please take a few minutes to go read the write-up!

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How to Fix Recipients Receiving winmail.dat files from Outlook 365

By Michele Caldwell / October 12, 2018 /

I’ve had an ongoing problem with my email recipients receiving winmail.dat files when I send them emails from Outlook using my Microsoft 365 email account and I’ve tried multiple ways of fixing the problem. I read that the problem is caused by Outlook sending emails in Rich Text Format (RTF). It includes the winmail.dat file…

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Non-profits can receive $10,000 a month for ads from Google

By Michele Caldwell / March 18, 2017 /
Google Ad Grants AdWords for nonprofits

I recently learned that Google provides eligible non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations with $10,000 of in-kind AdWords advertising each month through their Google Ad Grants program. This can be a fantastic way to spread the word about your organization and aid in fund-raising. Text-based ads will be shown in Google search result pages in positions below paying…

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Web Designer vs. a Full Service Ad Agency

By Michele Caldwell / May 25, 2016 /
web designer vs. agency

Specialist vs. General Practice. Would you go to a general physician who has a lot of knowledge in many areas of medicine when when you know you’re having a heart attack and need a heart surgeon? A company that focuses on web design does one thing well and chooses to focus its efforts on building…

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Website Development for Non-Profit Organizations

By Michele Caldwell / April 16, 2016 /

If your organization is looking for a web developer, consider Houston Web Design & Hosting. Here’s a new website we developed for Project Joy & Hope. Project Joy & Hope is a supportive service agency that enhances the quality of life for families and children who live with life-limiting conditions. They are based in the…

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My Top 18 Most Used WordPress Plugins

By Michele Caldwell / April 15, 2016 /
18 most used wordpress plugins

I’ve built well over 400 websites in my career and have been working in Wordpress as my primary platform for the last 3 or 4. I’ve tried out probably hundreds of plugins, but there are some that I go to over and over for various needs of my clients’ sites and my own. Here’s a list of my most-used Wordpress plugins.

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12 Ways to Invite God’s Blessing on Your Business

By Michele Caldwell / November 12, 2015 /
12 ways to invite God's blessings on your business

Live by the Golden Rule So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Matt. 7:12 Tithe A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to the LORD; it is holy…

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Websites for Nonprofits

By Michele Caldwell / October 3, 2015 /

I’ve been blessed to be able to offer my web design services on an ongoing basis for numerous nonprofit organizations. This past Spring when I was freshly out of a job after 10 years at the same advertising agency, I began my own web design company in Tomball, TX with only a few clients of…

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5 Great Things About Being Your Own Boss as a Web Developer

By Michele Caldwell / July 11, 2015 /

1) I get to work when I’m at my creative peak. I’ve always been a night person and though I get a lot done during the day, I am clearer and more able to focus on brain-intensive activities at night. Working for myself means I get to set my own hours. 2) When a client…

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