My Top 18 Most Used WordPress Plugins

My Top 18 Most Used WordPress Plugins

I’ve built well over 400 websites in my career and have been working in Wordpress as my primary platform for the last 3 or 4. I’ve tried out probably hundreds of plugins, but there are some that I go to over and over for various needs of my clients’ sites and my own. Here’s a list of my most-used Wordpress plugins.

Websites for Nonprofits

I’ve been blessed to be able to offer my web design services on an ongoing basis for numerous nonprofit organizations. This past Spring when I was freshly out of a job after 10 years at the same advertising agency, I began my own web design company in Tomball,...

Here’s to the Generalists

Generalists don’t like to specialize in any one task. I find myself getting bored when I delve too deeply into any one interest. I end up knowing a little about a lot of things, rather than knowing a lot about a few things.